Become a Wingfoil Instructor 

Instructor Training Course (ITC)

What will you learn

The IWO Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a professional wingboarding/windfoiling course created and developed by the IWO  to train ITC Candidates to be wingboarding/wingfoiling Instructors.

The ITC has two Modules (ITC Module 1 and 2) to complete to be certified as an IWO Instructor. Module 1 is completed online by the candidates from the comfort of their own home. It includes extra theoretical knowledge such as meteorology, oceanography, equipment maintenance, basic aerodynamics, Right of Way rules, International Signs, etc. Module 2 is an in-person course at an IWO pro center. Module 2 includes in-depth knowledge  about safety, rescue skills, and to acquire extra knowledge about teaching psychology / pedagogy and practical teaching experience and is, therefore, a course with many benefits for riders and future professionals.

ITC Module 1

The ITC Module 1 is an online course designed for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about theoretical concepts related to the wingboarding/wingfoiling; there are no prerequisites to attend the ITC Module 1. Anyone has access once they have paid the corresponding fee online.
  • Any wingboarder who meets the prerequisites and wants to attend the ITC Module 2 in-person to get their instructor certification

The ITC Module 1 is composed of a manual in order to check Candidates’ knowledge. While there is no exam at the end of module 1, candidates are expected to have good knowledge of its contents when attending module 2 and will be tested on all contents throughout the course as well as on the last day of module 2 in a written exam.

The Module 1 also includes the recreational insurance liability for wingfoil, kitesurf, surf and paddle for 1 year.

ITC Module 2 Requirements

The ITC Module 2 is the in-person, 5-day course run by an Examiner in an IWO Center. To access the ITC Module 2, the Candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be a certified IWO Level 3M or equivalent. To make sure their riding skills can be evaluated during the ITC, Candidates can bring a video demonstrating these skills for the Examiner to view if there is not enough wind during the course to perform the riding test.
  • Have a valid First Aid and CPR certificate, including first aid for drowning, fainting, injury, broken bones and safe setting. (Not older than two years. Online courses are not accepted). If you don’t have an MFA, you can sign up for an MFA course on the booking page.
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak fluently in the language the course is being taught in.

The Module 2 includes the Professional insurance liability for wingfoil once you are certified.

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